Apple releases iOS 12 Public Beta


We cannot recommend you iOS 12 on your primary iOS device, but you have a spare iPhone or iPad and are eager to know what's new in iOS 12 to offer, you can signup for the Apple Public Beta software programme.

Apple announced its new iOS 12 operating system earlier this month, and the public beta became available Monday. Apple's iOS public betas, as well as all subsequent updates, are automatically pushed to your device over the air.

Apple followed up the initial seed of iOS 12 with a secondary release allowing developers to instantly get a feel for how quickly the platform will progress in terms of stability and overall ease-of-use. All of those devices are turning five-years-old this year, so to see Apple supporting them with new iOS releases in 2018 is definitely an exciting thing.

Be warned - this is still Beta software.

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When is the real version coming out?: If you're not so into trying things before they're fully baked, Apple will be coming out with a full version of iOS 12 sometime in the fall. That means anyone willing to take a risk with unfinished software can try out new features such as group FaceTime conversations, less annoying notifications and new Screen Time tools to tell you just how addicted you are to your phone. Head over to Apple's beta website and download the configuration profile. Rinse and repeat every time you want to jump back to a stable iOS version from a beta release.

Once the hefty download is complete, you'll have to put your iPhone or iPad in DFU mode, by following the instructions available here.

Before you update, you should back up your data first to make sure that nothing gets lost.

If our predictions are accurate, then iOS 12 will have a huge testing community paying attention to it very soon. Screen Time also lets users limit access to specific apps. There are also updates to Siri, key apps, ARKit 2, Animoji, Memoji and much more.