Anthony Kennedy's Retirement Is A Bad Sign For Fixing Gerrymandering


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has said he plans to retire after three decades as a pivotal vote on the highest USA judicial body, giving President Donald Trump an opportunity to make the court more firmly conservative. Mike Lee, a close ally and, like himself, a former Supreme Court law clerk.

Reuters Graphics looked at how Kennedy and other judges ruled on major cases in the 2017-2018 term.

One positive takeaway from the court's decision is the clear condemnation of the disgraceful Korematsu decision, a 1944 case in which the Supreme Court ruled that internment of Japanese Americans during World War II was constitutional.

Kennedy was nominated in 1987 by President Reagan to the court, after Robert Bork's nomination failed and Douglas Ginsburg was pressured to withdraw after questions were raised about his admission he had smoked marijuana several times. The court overruled a pair of decades-old decisions that states said cost them billions of dollars in lost revenue annually.

"Not since key decisions on slavery, segregation in schools, and Japanese American incarceration have we seen a decision that so clearly fails to protect those most vulnerable to government-led discrimination", added Farhana Khera, executive director of the group Muslim Advocates. Nelson was thought to be anxious about drawing a primary challenge from the left if he voted for Gorsuch, and McCaskill reportedly agonized over her decision before casting a vote against Gorsuch. Thomas, nominated by George H.W. Bush, was confirmed by only 52 senators, 41 Republicans and 11 Democrats.

Paying tribute to Kennedy as "a great justice of the Supreme Court", Trump told reporters the replacement process will "begin immediately".

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The often raw and unfiltered messages sent out from the Trump White House strike a stark contrast with the more controlled and traditional messaging strategies used by previous administration's.

Sen. John Cornyn, Texas' senior senator and the No. 2 Senate Republican, argued Thursday that Democrats themselves had set the precedent for avoiding a confirmation during a presidential election year. The court's five conservatives are in the majority.

Trump's next Supreme Court nominee would overturn Roe v. Wade Trump: My supporters should be called the "super elite" Trump: Heitkamp will be "told" to vote against any nominee to replace Kennedy MORE said shortly after the 2016 election that rulings like Obergefell had been determined and he didn't intend to relitigate them.

"Now Trump will likely replace him with a Justice who would discriminate and dismantle abortion rights and LGBTQ rights", Noah explained to his audience. Sources said he was the runner-up for the Gorsuch seat. It was an invitation for challengers to return to the Supreme Court with a standard, and they did so this year in two cases dealing with districts clearly drawn to entrench the control of those who already hold office.

Murkowski vowed a careful vetting of the pick, saying she has "extremely high" standards for the Supreme Court. "He said you send me anybody - if it comes from Barack Obama there's a two letter answer and the answer's no". Donald Trump is not the king, " she said.