Watch the Fortnite Rocket Launch, In Case You Missed It


Fortnite 50 v 50 Down: Where is Final Fight LTM? When noon rolled around, the only thing Epic had to say was, "We're continuing to test improvements that are needed to enable the Playground LTM".

That means anyone in the United Kingdom can expect to hear more about the mode at about 3pm today.

The exact reason why is not clear, but it seems that Epic was extremely keen on letting everybody know - perhaps to ensure that a bunch of gawkers don't show up on Sunday for the glorious spectacle that is a crushing wave of realisation that you missed the actual glorious spectacle.

Later the same day, however, Epic disabled the mode, citing "issues with our matchmaking services".

We'll update you as more information on Playground becomes available.

Some of the more inventive additions to Fortnite have been causing Epic a fair bit of trouble over the last month or so, and less than 24 hours after adding the Playground limited time mode into Fortnite, Epic have now removed it to try and resolve various issues.

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Fortnite is in early access across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and iOS.

"Yesterday we launched the Playground LTM".

Recent rumours suggest that Epic Games have chosen to make this nearly like an LTM, with fans needing to play at the right time to watch what happens next.

It's likely that when the developer finally gets Playground up and running, we'll see the mode extended beyond it's originally scheduled downtime thanks to the delays it's seen.

The other team has to take down the big Leviathan before it's too late.

This 50v50 LTM will also utilize the same storm patterns as Fortnite Battle Royale's 50v50 version 2, where the final storm circle is visible at the start of the match.