Anonymous man buys $1 million worth of Toys 'R' Us inventory


In a post on its official Facebook page on Friday, Toys "R" Us" asked customers to "stay tuned" for news and information on "the next chapter for Geoffrey and the iconic Toys "R' Us brands". In March, Toys R Us announced it was shuttering its remaining stores for good after 70 years.

America's last remaining Toys "R" Us stores will close for good today, after a final Friday of clearance sales.

In fact, the nationwide shutdown has left over 700 more empty retail spaces just like the one photographed and, more importantly, an $11 billion hole in the toy market.

Earlier this year in March, the company announced it will close all remaining 700 stores in the us after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September last year and struggling to find a buyer.

Toys R Us shoppers have been taking their last selfies with Geoffrey the giraffe and making their final purchases. Toys R Us' troubles have also shaken some big toy makers like Mattel and Hasbro.

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Retailers like Walmart and Target were expanding their toy aisles to fill the hole, while Party City is opening 50 pop-up toy shops this fall.

This isn't the first time the toy shop has seen a random act of kindness; in December a year ago, two anonymous "secret Santas" went in and paid off $10,000 (£7,570) in layaway toys.

The closure will leave thousands of workers across the United States without a job.

Meanwhile, five former Toys R Us executives, including former CEO David Brandon, shared $8.2 million in retention bonuses.

'It was the best job I had.