Nancy Pelosi Downplays Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Victory


"So what's your problem?" the Democratic leader responded.

History suggests that Trump's Republican Party, like the parties of virtually every first-term president dating back to Ronald Reagan in 1982, will suffer losses this fall.

"Well I'm female, I'm progressive, I'm - and the rest. Two out of three ain't bad", Pelosi also said. She has the support of liberal Sen. Bernard Sanders, ran on a Sanders-esque agenda that included government-sponsored health care and tuition-free college for all Americans, and the abolishment of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency responsible for combating gangs and deporting illegal immigrants.

"They should be afraid, they should be angry", Cuomo said.

Ocasio-Cortez won the 14th district in NY which includes Queens and a portion of the Bronx. We're no better than anybody else, but we stand for election.

"He's done some phenomenal, phenomenal work for the Bronx and Queens".

Clyburn, 77, and Pelosi, 78, are often criticized themselves for growing out of step with the new, fresh faces of their party - a characterization they both vehemently reject. Debbie Dingell, told reporters Wednesday morning that if anything Crowley's race was a sign that it's far from guaranteed. "I started late because of the laws of this country".

The district is ranked by the Cook Political Report as D+29, meaning it votes 29 percent more Democratic than the country as a whole.

"Is it time for new blood?"

Since Ocasio-Cortez won in one district, a very diverse and progressive NY district, McEnany's remark made little sense.

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Crowley, an establishment Democrat, who had been whispered about as a future leader of the party, had not faced a challenger from the left in 14 years - and his defeat will surely have come as a major shock. He cited Amy McGrath, a former fighter pilot who beat the popular mayor of Lexington, Kentucky in the Democratic primary to challenge Rep. Andy Barr (R-Kentucky).

"I hope that this reminds us of what the Democratic Party should be about, which is, first and foremost, accountability from the working-class people", she said Tuesday night. She faces Republican Anthony Pappas in November.

What did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez do before her run for Congress?

But she made a powerful case for herself in an immigrant-heavy part of NY that includes Queens and the Bronx.

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Esquire called it "a working-class American story, a NY story, and a Bronx story", one beautifully told. It's time for one of us.

President Donald Trump also commented on Crowley's defeat to Ocasio-Cortez.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez posted on Twitter after Ms Gillibrand's endorsement that the NY senator "didn't even bother to talk to nor consider me before endorsing".

"This is not an end, this is the beginning", she told cheering supporters on Tuesday.

Crowley, who has been a Congressman since 1999, was touted as the next speaker of the House (if the Democrats gain the majority in midterm elections).

RUBEN GALLEGO: Whoever's running for leadership is going to have to justify their existence. "Are you going to be nicer to the president?"

SNELL: That's Arizona Democrat Ruben Gallego.

The political novice, who describes herself as a socialist Democrat, had huge grassroots support. Bernie Sanders' ideas still have a receptive audience for 2020.

JEFF WEAVER: Many of these issues were considered fringe issues, and now they are mainstream issues.

Many on the right welcome the shift to the hard left by the Democrats, as outside of the East & West Coast, this brand of socialism which boarders on communism is not exactly popular. "This young lady did", Fowler said on "America's Newsroom".

Cuomo and his allies, however, say there's no comparison between a contest for governor and a low-turnout primary in a Congressional district representing Queens and the Bronx.

"We will miss him", she said, adding that she believes he might be seen in the public sector again.

"And say goodbye to your firearms if she gets her way!" he warned. But Carmen Castillo, a hotel worker who immigrated from the Dominican Republic, won a seat on the Providence (Rhode Island) City Council in 2011.