OnePlus 7 might be a 5G phone released on USA carriers


He also stressed that the function of 5G will be equipped with a device, despite her stay in the testing stage. While a large number of the OnePlus cell phones work fine and dandy on transporters like T-Mobile and AT&T, they know that it is so vital to manufacturing an association with these bearers. So it stands to reason that the OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7T will arrive with support for 5G connectivity.

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus believes that if you create enough hype about a device and you release it in limited quantities, people will come buying. The rumor mill is now silent on its existence, but what seems certain about next year's OnePlus 7 is that it could be one of the first 5G smartphones to debut in 2019. Pete Lau says they are at present working with USA bearers and in spite of the fact that he didn't specify a particular transporter in front of an audience, they are trusting that some arrangement can be worked out when the organization dispatches the gadget. So, partnering with United States carriers would be a good move in North America. The company had claimed earlier this year that the OnePlus 6T will be launched only if it there is enough new technology to offer.

He did not speak anything about launching a 5G smartphone in India.

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Early in the year, we'd heard that OnePlus was "investigating" potential deals that could be struck with USA carriers.

US -based customers can now purchase OnePlus products but not without paying the full price of a device at once, and this normally turns off potential customers. Lau says that OnePlus is now working with U.S. carriers to get its goods on board with them. Since the launch of OnePlus One, all its devices have been released as unlocked versions. Players like Apple and Samsung will be the first brands to launch smartphones with 5G capabilities, as these brands can produce their own SoC (system on chip).

Other details on the 5G device from OnePlus is still unknown.