Trump roasted after typo in tweet about his unbelievable spelling skills


Accio dictionary! J.K. Rowling and Merriam-Webster once again showed off their trolling prowess after Donald Trump made a spelling error while bragging about himself on Twitter. He says in his tweet: "I capitalize certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalized!".

"Merriam-Webster also got in on the fun and pointed out in its tweet: "'pore over" [is] "to read or study very carefully" ... pour over' [is] "to make expensive coffee'".

Although, he altered the original tweet, it's unlikely that Trump's writing style or his claims about being a best-selling author will change. He used "pour" as in "to pour a liquid" rather than "pore" as in "to look over something intently".

Such an opportunity to mock trump was too ripe for just Rowling to chime in.

After posting multiple tweets reading "hahaha" in repetition, Rowling called out Trump's error, and gave him an appropriately misspelled title.

Trolls kicked into action after the supremely confident President issued a tweet, hitting out at those who combed through his words looking for mistakes.

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"President Trump didn't write any of his books", O'Brien tweeted on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's original tweet before the message was deleted.

Rowling also denied allegations from another fan on Twitter that she was blind to the parallels between the Ministry of Magic and the so-called "deep state" Trump and his supporters frequently indict as acting against the best interests of Americans with a dismissive, "Yeah, no".

Rowling wasn't the only one to find an opportunity to take a jibe at Trump.

Vehement Trump critic and young adult author famous for having written the Harry Potter novels takes to Twitter to roast the American president.