Donald Trump is pissed about the EU's £3.8bn Google fine


"Manufacturers could not launch Fire OS on even a single device", she said.

"Google has engaged in illegal practices to cement its dominant market position in internet search", EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said as she announced the huge fine. Major manufacturers, such as Samsung, HTC and Huawei use Android. Changes to copyright law that would affect tech firms are also being considered.

Google has denied the charges, saying that bundling search with its Google Play allows it to offer the entire package for free, and that smartphone makers and users have a wide choice.

The EU's ruling caps an investigation that goes back at least three years.

The ruling could stoke tensions between Europe and the US, which regulates the tech industry with a lighter hand.

On Thursday, President Trump weighed in, tweeting out his criticism on the EU. These protestors took it to a different level when they raised a baby faced balloon of Donald Trump and made fun of him in a previously unparalleled way. "Whether or not you like the result, this is law enforcement in Europe and we wouldn't like anyone interfering with law enforcement in the USA", said Gene Kimmelman, a Justice Department veteran now with advocacy group Public Knowledge.

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT tweeted that the fine should "be a wake-up call" to the Federal Trade Commission and "should lead United States enforcers to protect consumers".

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Google licenses its Android operating system to third-party phone manufacturers.

The EU gave Google 90 days to either halt such anti-competitive practices or ask for a delay of the order while it appeals.

Its popularity in turn could mean an uphill battle for European Union antitrust regulators seeking to level the playing field for Google's rivals by ensuring that users can download from competing app stores and that smartphone makers are free to choose pre-installed apps.

The fine, although the largest antitrust penalty the European Union has ever imposed, is nearly a detail for the company: It has already paid a big fine in another antitrust case relating to comparison shopping search, and still has around US$103 billion on hand in cash or equivalents.

Neither fine will cripple the company. Its parent company, Alphabet, made $9.4 billion in profit in the first three months of the year and reportedly had over $100 billion in cash reserves.

"It also misses just how much choice Android provides to thousands of phone makers and mobile network operators who build and sell Android devices; to millions of app developers around the world who have built their businesses with Android; and billions of consumers who can now afford and use cutting-edge Android smartphones", Pichai wrote.