Thiessen: Trump can shut down his Russia critics with one bold move


"I laughed when I heard that and figured it could be a good advertisement", retiree Slavka Kovacevic, 58, said of Trump's depiction while taking a break from her morning shopping.

Public officials in this tiny European nation didn't know what to say initially when U.S. President Donald Trump suggested that NATO's newest and smallest member, which has a military with fewer than 2,000 members, could be the spark that sets off a global Armageddon.

Earlier Thursday, Trump called out USA allies on Twitter as he attended a second day of meetings with leaders of the military alliance. This is our only hope for restoring America to its pre-Trump greatness. Because Trump has had to walk back some of his comments, however, he may still have political difficulties within the US government. Leaders were left "in a confused state", wondering how serious President Trump was and what the ramifications might be.

"Therefore, the friendship and the alliance of Montenegro and the United States of America is strong and permanent", Markovic's government said in its statement Thursday.

In theory, Montenegro and Russian Federation could snipe and trade threats all they wanted, and the USA could keep right out of it. He also suggested a moral equivalence between Russian Federation and the United States, and said that the USA was just as much to blame for current poor relations as Russian Federation. As the Polish government points out in its proposal, "a USA permanent presence in Poland [offers] a more forward operating location than Stuttgart provides, would greatly alleviate well founded fears that fellow Eastern European and Baltic governments have that Moscow would be able to overtake defending forces prior to the support of US and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Stuttgart could provide".

"Yes, absolutely I would be committed to Article 5", he said at the time.

"Regardless of how much bad press Trump receives for his foreign policies, these do not seem to have had any real effect on his popularity".

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It was the most recent in a series of demands and insults that critics fear will undermine the decades-old alliance, coming days before Trump sits down with Putin at the conclusion of his closely watched European trip.

During Trump's recent trips, nearly no announcement of cooperation and agreement was made by either European or American leaders.

TRUMP: I understand what you're saying.

Amid the tumult, British Prime Minister Theresa May, whose government is in turmoil over her plans for exiting the European Union, sounded a call for solidarity among allies.

Instead, a series of events - a black-tie dinner with business leaders, a meeting with May and an audience with Queen Elizabeth II - will happen outside the bustling city, where Mayor Sadiq Khan has been in a verbal battle with Trump. Montenegro have been fighting for freedom for centuries. Any real threat would require Montenegro to pair up with someone much stronger - say, Russian Federation - and to serve as a base for their forces.

He also said meeting the queen would be an experience Trump "will really cherish".