St Louis Uber driver live-streamed hundreds of passengers


Uber and Lyft said Monday they had fired a driver who livestreamed hours of his passengers' rides without their knowledge or consent, making money off the ride-hailing apps as well as the Twitch live streams. However, Gargac told the Post-Dispatch that one of the key differences in his streams compared to those already on the service is that he didn't ask his passengers for permission, believing it resulted in a "fake" experience.

After the Post-Dispatch's story was published, Uber and Lyft each made a decision to suspend Gargac as a driver for violating their community guidelines, however.

He also drove for Lyft, which terminated its partnership with the driver. Though Gargac's Twitch channel is down, you can see one of his past live streams below.

Uber has suspended a driver after he secretly livestreamed his passengers' journeys on video-sharing website Twitch.

Missouri is a one-party-consent state, which means one person recording a conversation with another unwitting person is technically legal.

Uber told The St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Gargac's behaviour was "troubling" and that the videos were not in line with its community standards.

There were about 700 rides given by Gargac since March through Uber and Lyft and nearly all of them were recorded, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

"I've had a few offline conversations with some folks, and they suggested getting rid of the stored vods as step #1 of trying to calm everyone down", he said, referring to on-demand videos on Twitch.

St Louis Uber driver live-streamed hundreds of passengers

His Twitch channel has been suspended.

"I try to capture the natural interactions between myself and the passengers - what a Lyft and Uber ride actually is", he said.

In an interview with the St Louis Post Dispatch, Gargac said he had enlisted the help of his wife to remove any racist, homophobic or overly sexual comments.

While Gargac has been observed to befriend his passengers with comical interactions, his viewers have been less pleasant.

But The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article raised questions about Gargac's actions from a privacy and ethical perspective, and Uber and Lyft condemned his actions. He has also inadvertently revealed the full names of his riders and their homes and neighbourhood on the streaming platform.

Gargac said telling customers about the filming produced contrived results.

"Particularly if there was something very private and embarrassing released about them", he said. He added: "I love doing it".

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