Mendocino Complex Fire more than half contained, firefighter dies in traffic accident


It has burned 305,152 acres and injured two firefighters, and was 52% contained by Thursday night.

Mandatory evacuations were lifted Saturday for the communities of Horsethief, McVicker Canyon and Rice Canyon.

When investigators went to question Clark he abrasively told them they weren't allowed on his property in Holy Jim Canyon, the flashpoint of the fire, Duff said.

CBSLA noted that Clark - who has been linked to the QAnon conspiracy theory as well as other alt-right claims - called the arson charges against him "lies" before claiming that he could "easily" pay his $1 million bond.

The man accused of deliberately starting the fire appeared in court on Friday, but his arraignment was postponed. But for the residents it's affecting, the fire is of the devil. A court commissioner postponed his arraignment until August 17 and ordered bail to remain at $1 million.

The webcam still from the Holy Fire, from the University of California at San Diego, is just one of a number of stunning images capturing these flying tankers.

The fire is burning about an hour east of the ocean near the town of Lake Elsinore.

Earlier in the day, Johnson told residents in a video posted on Twitter to stay vigilant and listen to evacuation orders.

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The National Weather Service says smoke from the raging fires out West has impacted cities thousands of miles away - and the atmosphere above them.

Edman, of the National Weather Service, says not all fires can create this long-ranging stream of smoke, but the cumulation of fire after fire after fire in the state has made it possible this time around.

The mechanic's death came as firefighters across the state continue to battle more than a dozen wildfires that have scorched more than 600,000 acres, bolstered by an extremely warm July and years of drought that have left underbrush ripe to burn.

Forrest Gordon Clark was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of two counts of felony arson, and one count each of felony threat to terrorize and misdemeanour resisting arrest.

King Bass, 6, left, sits and watches the Holy Fire burn from top of his parents' auto as his sister Princess, 5, rests her head on his shoulder Thursday in Lake Elsinore.

Crews braced for "extreme fire behavior" over the weekend, according to the federal fire information website InciWeb. California firefighters are now working to contain at least 18 fires in the state.

Shane Sherwood with the Orange County Fire Authority said the evidence gathered led them to believe the fire was an intentional act, but are still working through the evidence to determine how it was started. The Mendocino Complex Fire has burned through over 290,000 acres in Northern California and as of last week was named the largest wildfire in California history. It is 49% contained, and has killed eight people, including three firefighters.