Homeless Samaritan will get cash; couple under investigation


On Thursday, authorities executed a search warrant at the home of a New Jersey couple who raised $US400,000 ($557,866) to help a homeless man previous year.

CBS Philadelphia reported that on Thursday, officials from the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office and Florence Township Police Department executed a search warrant at the couple's home.

It was the latest twist in a onetime feel-good story about Johnny Bobbitt, who spent his last $20 to buy gas for McClure when she became stranded on a highway in Philadelphia a year ago, and the couple who found 14,000 people online who were so touched by his kindness that they donated to a fund to help him start a new life.

In August, Bobbitt accused the couple of withholding the money that rightfully belonged to him and improperly using the funds for themselves.

Johnny Bobbitt, 34, used his last $20 to fill up the petrol tank of stranded motorist Kate McClure in November, 2017.

McClure and D'Amico - who deny any wrongdoing - have also said they'll give the rest of the money to Bobbitt once he's drug-free and has a job.

But Bobbitt's attorney said earlier this week that he was told all the money is gone. McClure and D'Amico never purchased a house for Bobbitt, as was initially promised. "In McClure's pitch to the public, she pledged to use the money to buy Bobbitt a home and his dream auto - a 1999 Ford Ranger".

"We're committing that he'll get the balance of the funds that he has not yet received or benefited from".

"We'll continue to assist with the ongoing law enforcement investigation", the statement continued. Philadelphia attorney Chris Fallon, who is representing Bobbitt, has alleged the couple spent a large portion of the donations on gambling, lavish trips, shopping sprees and a BMW.

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On Thursday, police opened an investigation of the couple and searched their home.

The company assured customers that although Bobbitt's case in unusual, they have "taken steps to prevent this extremely unique situation from occurring again". Bobbitt claimed McClure and D'Amico had spent the GoFundMe money on travel, gambling and a luxury auto. He added that no charges had been filed yet.

Officials were at the couple's home in Bordentown early on September 6, a day after a judge ordered them to appear in court, Fox29 reported.

Lawyers for Bobbitt and the couple have disagreed on how much of the $400,000 that was raised has already been spent on Bobbitt's behalf.

A South Jersey couple raised $400,000 for Johnny Bobbitt after he performed a good deed.

McClure and D'Amico are due in court Monday. Bobbitt, who was in and out of rehab and is now back on the street, alleges he has only received about $75,000 and fears the rest of the money is gone, according to his lawyers. Neither did any of the attorneys connected to the case or GoFundMe.

Last month, the company announced it had deposited $20,000 to a bank account to help pay for legal fees during the investigation.

Meantime, Bobby Whithorne, director of North America Communications for GoFundMe, said that Bobbitt will receive the funds.

No criminal charges are pending, and a spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office didn't respond to a request for comment for this story. A BMW that Bobbitt claims the couple bought with the money was towed off the property.