Christine Blasey Ford: Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward


Graham doesn't say whether, if Ford provides information to the committee, she would be subject to examination.

Sources told NPR that the California senator felt pressure to put something out publicly after a report indicated she had not briefed fellow members of the panel on a document.

"Given the late addendum to the background file and revelations of Dr. Ford's identity, Chairman Grassley is actively working to set up such follow-up calls with Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford ahead of Thursday's scheduled vote", the spokesman, Taylor Foy, said. In an article published in the Washington Poston Sunday, Ford said she felt it was her civic duty to tell her story. She said she did try to protest; she said no one outside the room heard her. Equally awful was the recent op-ed from a White House insider underscoring President Donald Trump's incompetence. From there, she claims she was pushed into a bedroom and on top of a bed, where she said Kavanaugh attacked her, groping her and trying to pull off her clothes and a one-piece bathing suit, all while holding his hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream.

Ford said to The Washington Post, "I thought he might inadvertently kill me".

The assault purportedly took place in 1982 when Ms Ford was 15 and Mr Kavanaugh was 17. "I did not do this back in high school or at any time".

A split seemed to be emerging among the GOP.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, the chamber's top Democrat, called for Grassley to postpone the vote "until, at a very minimum, these serious and credible allegations are thoroughly investigated". The results, which Katz provided to the Post, concluded that Ford was being truthful when she said a statement summarizing her allegations was accurate.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake is calling for the nomination process to be delayed in the light of the allegations. A Republican not on the committee, Sen.

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They could have said "Yeah, we used to get drunk in high school".

Republicans have just an 11-10 majority on the committee, so Flake's vote could make a difference. Dianne Feinstein received a letter, which detailed the incident. Critics have already accused the GOP of fast-tracking the process to get Kavanaugh on the court by October 1, the first day of the fall term.

"It has always been Mrs. Ford's decision whether to come forward publicly", the senator said. "I hope the attacks and shaming of her will stop and this will be treated with the seriousness it deserves". Ford had previously described the account during a couples therapy session with her husband in 2012 and during an individual therapy session in 2013, according to the Post.

There is a way back to the better times of which Ginsburg spoke, though it will require great courage and character - to confirm the highly qualified Kavanaugh with a bipartisan vote. Kavanaugh would also probably be asked to appear before senators.

Judge Kavanaugh's background has been thoroughly vetted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on six different occasions throughout his decades of public service, and no such allegation ever surfaced.

Republicans have not settled on the strategy, the person familiar with the situation said, but were weighing options, including doing nothing.

The White House has accused Feinstein of mounting an "11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation".

Ford discussed the incident, which occurred in the early 1980's when both she and Kavanaugh were in high school.