India airliner turns back due to bleeding passengers


"The airline is making alternative flight arrangements for guests on its flight", the statement added.

Oxygen masks are seen deployed after a loss of cabin pressure, on a Jet Airways flight, from Mumbai, India, Sept. 20, 2018 in this still image obtained from social media.

The 166 passengers were left in the unpressurized cabin of the Boeing 737 for 45 minutes, according to the Guardian.

As per initial information, out of total 166 passengers, some even complained of headache and oxygen masks were put in use mid-air.

Sustained low pressure can lead air to escape too forcefully and cause headaches, stomach pain and bleeding from the nose and ears.

An official with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that the crew forgot to press a button to pressurize the cabin, according to News 18.

Jet Airways flight number 9W 0697 was turned back to Mumbai after half of the passengers on board experienced bleeding from their noses and ears. All passengers are safe including me.

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It is believed that crew forgot to flip the "bleed switch", which meant pressure in the cabin couldn't be maintained. The flight crew forgot to select the "bleed switch" that normalises cabin pressure, leading to nose and ear bleeding of 30 passengers.

The incident happened on early Thursday morning when Jet Airways Flight 9W 697 took off from Mumbai for a flight to Jaipur. Quartz notes Jet Airways has been contending with other recent troubles as well, including debt and tax woes.

This is not an isolated incident where passengers had to suffer due to the sheer negligence on the part of the airline companies. Dr Patenkar said that majority will have conductive deafness for a period of time and have been advised not to fly they till fully recover.

India's Civil Aviation minister Suresh Prabhu has instructed that all airlines and airports perform a safety audit and asked the report to be submitted within 30 days.

After the flight returned, they were immediately deboarded and rushed to the terminal building and administered first-aid by a team of doctors.

This is not the first time an incident involving Jet Airways has made the news.