Google Search Gets New Features On Its 20th Anniversary


Google also points out that we've now reached a point where neural networks can help the company take major leaps forward from understanding words to understanding concepts.

This means that the "Discover" feature which was previously only available on the Google mobile app will now be seen in the browser too.

The first thing is something we spotted a few days ago. From my own perspective, YouTube especially has real trouble with promoting fringe and conspiracy content, and I think Google is trying to make sure the sources in these stories are reliable and mainstream.

Google launched Feed back in December of 2016 via an update to the Google app. Google Feed replaced Google Now and brought with it personalized cards that constantly updated information based on your interests and usage of the Google app, such as sports news, weather, news topics and the like.

Moreover, the company is also working towards improving the exhaustive job searches that often end up making the user scroll from one page to another and to another without benefitting them in the first place. For example, if you choose a city, then the user will see videos from each attraction.

You can tell Discover whether you want more or less content on any topic, and for news you will get a variety of perspectives. It will even let you crop images straight away without having to use snipping tool for it. There is also a new feature called Collections. That's sure to increase engagement with Discover, especially on devices that don't have the Google panel on the home screen. Discover will show related topics for you to follow as well.

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The AMP Stories Google Search began to push earlier this year are getting an automated overhaul. Google is not only known as a search engine but also as a better technology company. You don't have to watch a full video for just the 30 seconds that relates to your query.

With the addition of Lens, you can fire up image search by taking a picture of an object and Google will come up with all relevant details.

Another innovation will be the history on the type of Instagram that Google will give search results. You'll be able to save content from the activity card to your collections. And even though it has seen many changes over the years, Google still manages to stay true to its roots. It has an added feature called "Aspirations" that will search the training courses and internships related to your field for you. Whatever page you visit should help you take the next step in what you're trying to do.

The unveiling of the new features coincides with the twentieth birthday of Google's search engine.

If a topic is trending, you can tap the colorful little asterisk to learn more. It looks and acts similarly to a Pinterest board in that any search you save to it is easily accessible later. Some users have been seeing the updated Discover UI for several weeks as Google tested it. Enter your email to be subscribed to our newsletter.