'Samantha is kidding herself' thinking she can meet with Meghan


Meghan Markle attended the opening of London's new Oceania exhibition on Tuesday evening in what was her first royal solo outing since marrying Britain's Prince Harry in May.

It was also claimed by the source that Meghan has attempted to deal with Samantha in the past who she claims is "very jealous".

The gesture is so mechanical few people even notice it.

The BBC summarised the mood of the nation in its own headline: "Meghan closes a auto door and some people can't handle it".

She knows how to shut a auto door all by herself.

Harry and Meghan's first stop in Brighton next Wednesday will be the iconic Royal Pavilion (pictured).

"Yay Meghan! She's a real, regular princess/person", one wrote.

One person said: "First time I've seen an on-duty princess shut her own auto door..."

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She then shook hands with one of her hosts before shutting the auto door behind her.

On Tuesday evening the Duchess of Sussex provoked commentary on social media through doing something most of us do every day - closing her vehicle door. "It is something she's always done herself like the rest of us".

"Usually royalty and dignitaries have someone to open/close vehicle doors for security reasons: nothing to do with "princess behaviour", tweeted William Hanson, an etiquette coach and columnist for the Daily Mail's website.

"Current state: Poking my own eyes out after reading Meghan "broke protocol" by shutting her auto door".

It's official - Prince Harry is a feminist, Meghan Markle revealed today.

Upon arrival at London's Royal Academy of Arts, the former Suits star was all smiles as she stepped out of the back seat of a luxury vehicle.

Others however, were utterly stunned that Meghan closing a vehicle door was making news.