British PM Theresa May Sashay Onstage to ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’


British Prime Minister Theresa May is back to dancing again.

Her speech was aimed at providing an upbeat vision for Britain post-Brexit - and after eight years of austerity.

Theresa May sparked a flurry of memes on social media after she came out dancing to ABBA to deliver her keynote speech at the Tory party conference.

May awkwardly took a spin around, robotically pumped her arms in the air Wednesday and had a brief laugh at her own expense before a key speech.

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The routine a self-deprecatory reference to her recent trip to Africa, where the Prime Minister was mocked online for her awkward dancing skills.

The Prime Minister also joked about her calamitous speech past year when she could not stop coughing and the sign behind her fell down.

Following her meeting with European Union leaders in Salzburg in September, the United Kingdom leader has come under fire for her proposed "Chequers" Brexit plan which was heavily criticised by the European Union and Brexiteers.

May as she walked out on stage today dancing to ABBA. Although it left few Abba song lovers sad as they complained the song has been "ruined" for them as they believe it can not be "unseen".