How to avoid the latest ‘Got Another Friend Request’ Facebook hoax


Facebook officials say there has been no known uptick in cloned accounts recently, but the warning being sent around could be going viral out of fear.

"Your account isn't sending duplicate friend requests". If you see another you out there, you can click on the "Report this profile" button on the bogus account's page to have it reported to Facebook.

The messages begin with "Hi...."

Users were then directed to forward the message to all their friends. As of now, ignore the "Got Another Friend Request from You" message. There is no bug or virus now confirmed that is sending your Friends fake requests.

The message doesn't contain a virus but it is leading to more people spreading the false information. "And you're just making it worse", the Facebook post read. I had to do the people individually.

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If you're concerned however, you can check whether your account has been cloned by typing your name into the Facebook search bar. Or maybe you received a private message warning you that your account had been compromised. "PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A NEW friendship FROM ME AT THIS TIME".

If you are an avid Facebook user, you've probably noticed that quite a few of the people on your friends' list have been posting that they've gotten hacked. However, Facebook told a local ABC News affiliate in Syracuse that it has not seen a rise in cloned accounts.

Facebook really did fess up to a "security issue" a couple of weeks ago, and noted that nearly 50 million accounts may have been affected by it.

The spammer does this, hoping your friends accept the requests thinking it's somebody they know.

The best way to avoid being duped: Ignore it. Delete it.