Hurricane Leslie rams into Portugal with 109mph winds: Lisbon devastated by storm


At least 300,000 homes are without power after tropical storm Leslie hit Portugal's Atlantic coast, bringing with it heavy rain, strong winds and surging seas.

Over 200 power lines were affected by the storm, according to reports citing power authority EDP.

"Leslie" called one of the most powerful storms ever experienced in Portugal.

"The town seemed to be in a state of war with cars smashed by fallen trees", he said.

Civil defence commander Luis Belo Costa said after Saturday night that "the greatest danger has passed".

Now a Category 1 hurricane, Leslie is expected to weaken slightly as it moves east on Saturday, the U.S. National Hurricane Centre (NHC) said. "People were very anxious", the BBC reported.

Winds of up to 100kmh uprooted trees in the centre of the country early yesterday morning.

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Hurricane Leslie, Sunday, October 14, struck off the coast of Portugal, Western media reported.

Spain was also expected to be hit by the severe weather, dubbed a "zombie" storm because it first formed on 23 September and has meandered through the Atlantic Ocean for weeks.

Civil defence officials said 27 people suffered minor injuries, with localised flooding, hundreds of trees uprooted and a number of flights cancelled.

A tropical storm warning was discontinued for the Madeira archipelago.

Only Hurricane Vince has made landfall on the Iberian peninsula over the last 176 years, hitting southern Spain in 2005, according to weather records.

Spanish meteorologists expected Leslie to reach Spanish mainland territory early Sunday before weakening to a tropical storm.

Leslie continued to move east across the Iberian Peninsula to Spain, where authorities have issued warnings for heavy rains and storm conditions in the northern part of the country.