Lewinsky affair not an abuse of power, says Hillary Clinton


Questioned as to whether this relationship had been an abuse of power, Clinton said: "no, no", noting that Monica Lewinsky, a 22-year-old at the time, "was an adult" and adding: "there has been an investigation".

Her interviewer said, "There are people who looked at the incidents of the '90s and they say: A President of the United States can not have a consensual relationship with an intern".

Hillary Clinton gave an unexpected response when asked about her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky.

"The cause transcends Hillary Clinton's defense of her husband", said Democratic consultant Scott Ferson. "It's honestly hard to think of a dynamic that is *more* clearly an egregious abuse of power", wrote lawyer Lindsey Barrett on Twitter.

Advocates against sexual violence have said it's impossible for a president to have a consensual sexual relationship with an intern, given the unequal power dynamics.

"Let me ask you this, where's the investigation of the current incumbent?" she continued.

Some, such as democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, have felt that Bill Clinton would have been forced to resign after the impeachment vote (impeachment) by the House of representatives republican for obstructing justice and lying under oath.

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Of note, Bill Clinton was 49 and Lewinsky was 22 at the time, less than half his age.

"In one statement she undercut the abuse of power and position against nearly all sexual harassment in the workplace", tweeted author David Rothkopf. The scandal was one of several instances where the former president was accused of inappropriate sexual conduct.

As for her husband, she said, "So there was an investigation, and it - as I believe - came out in the right place".

Hillary Clinton's defense of her husband also follows the grilling of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over his past drinking and alleged sexual misconduct.

When pressed if her husband should have resigned over it, she said: "Absolutely not".

Ever a galvanizing figure in the American political scene, Clinton's CBS interview sparked a wave of both criticism and support in social media.