Apple Officially Launches iPhone XR Starting at $749


So, Apple is saving on some of the features and material of the hull, launches cheaper smartphone intended primarily for owners of previous models, including the iPhone 8, which still have not updated their devices and do not want to spend money on the flagship version, writes CNN. The XR's display is a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display, though. While in countries like Australia, the phone is already available at Apple Authorised Retail stores, in India, retail stores will put up the XR for purchase starting 6pm.

The iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8, and even the slightly larger iPhone X and iPhone XS.

iFixit has awarded the iPhone XR with a repairability score of six which is better than that of the Google Pixel 3 XL's repairability score of 4. - The end result won't be identical to "proper" Portrait Mode, but from Apple's examples it does a very good job at matching the results.

Aside being the "best" iPhone yet, Apple even did cut couple of bucks off the device's original price and then adds more color to make variation easier and possible but still nobody pays any attention to this.

I've been waiting a while but she's finally here!

Apple believes you'll be able to get 90 minutes more battery life out of the iPhone XR than the 8 Plus, which is a big jump in real terms.

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The iPhone XR uses the exact same TrueDepth camera system with Face ID that's in the iPhone XS, which means there's still a notch at the top.

It is not as if it looks like a "cheaper" avatar of the iPhone, though. They've described the phone as a "spiritual iPhone 9" due to the fact that it houses numerous more advanced technologies from the X but also uses many older technologies from the iPhone 8 Plus.

With its design compromises, the iPhone Xr speaks to the stark truth that the global smartphone market has matured and, in some parts of the world, has become quite saturated. Even Apple doesn't seem enthusiastic enough to launch any cases with the phone in the U.S. I jumped to the iPhone XS Max, but returned it within the two week evaluation period. "Instead of using the two cameras, Apple uses software tricks to try to distinguish the main subject from the background", Stern wrote. "That's because for about $750, you can have the iPhone XR, which is just as fast and almost as capable as its more expensive counterparts".

Both the iPhone XR and XS have the same front-facing camera, and it's pretty solid.

When you first hold an iPhone X/XS/XS Max in your hand the first thing that strikes you is the way the display takes up most of everything you see in your hand.

We'll delve more into the quality of the screen later in this review, but it's one of the key differences you'll want to consider if you're thinking about going for the less-costly iPhone.