Afghan Kabul Blast Result in Bomber, Policemen and 6 Others Killed


The voting for parliamentary, Wolesi Jirga, elections kicked off in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan earlier today.

No security incidents were reported Saturday in Kandahar, according to Zabiullah Sadat, deputy spokesman for Afghan Independence Election Commission.

The officials further added that 173 polling stations would remain open for the voters during the elections day in Kandahar.

Hajji Hamdullah Gulalai, head of one of the largest tribes in south Kandahar, complained bitterly about the chaos at polling stations, where workers were late arriving and had difficulty finding the names of people waiting to cast their ballots.

Any citizen suspecting or witnessing fraud or irregularities should channel complaints through the relevant Afghan authorities, especially the Electoral Complaints Commission.

On Saturday voters in Kandahar - the southern birthplace of the Taliban and a province notorious for ballot stuffing - went to the polls. But hiccups with biometric devices and voter lists persisted.

People attend a burial ceremony of General Abdul Razeq, the Kandahar police commander, who was killed in yesterday's attack, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan October 19, 2018.

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That compares with almost nine million on the voter roll, but many suspect a significant number of those were based on fake identification documents that fraudsters planned to use to stuff ballot boxes.

The general Scott Miller, commander-in-chief of the american army and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Afghanistan, present at the time of the attack, was unharmed.

That was significantly higher than the government's casualty figures, supporting speculation that officials had deliberately downplayed the violence so voters would not be scared off.

These elections have been seen as a test of the state of Afghanistan's fragile democracy as well as a trial ahead of the presidential elections set to take place in April 2019.

Kandahar residents will choose 11 candidates out of 111 parliamentary candidates Saturday, a week after the rest of the country voted.

Preliminary nationwide results are expected to be released in November.