DJ accused of mailing pipe bombs 'left a trail of DNA clues'


The man suspected of sending explosive devices to Democratic figures across the country will make his first court appearance Monday.

Sayoc is accused of sending two pipe bombs to Waters, as well as single devices to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Robert De Niro and former Vice President Joe Biden.

In New York, police closed multiple streets in Manhattan after the package addressed to Mr. Clapper was discovered at a mail sorting facility.

Federal agents are still searching for other possible suspects in South Florida who may have helped Cesar Sayoc, the former stripper and self-described entertainment promoter who was arrested at an auto parts store in Plantation Friday.

Sayoc is now facing charges of "transporting explosives across state lines, illegally mailing explosives, threatening former presidents and others, threatening interstate communications and assaulting federal officials", according to the Washington Post.

Public records show that Sayoc has numerous arrests over the years for domestic violence, theft and other charges, including an alleged bomb threat against a utility company.

"And they do have a major role to play as far as tone", Trump said.

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Trump was singled out for praise, deemed the "best president ever" in one tweet, while a man appearing be to Sayoc posted a video from an unidentified Trump rally, featuring supporters chanting the president's name.

He said Sayoc had been talking about politics to everybody at the club for the last two weeks, preaching the need to elect Republicans during the November elections. The filmmaker has been a vocal critic of Trump, drawing parallels to the rise of the president and that of Adolf Hitler in Germany in Fahrenheit 11/9.

Moore took to Twitter to share a video of Sayoc in Melbourne, Florida at Trump's first "Trump 2020 Re-election Rally" in 2017.

The FBI did not identify to whom the most recent package was addressed, but CNN President Jeff Zucker announced that a suspicious package addressed to the cable television network was intercepted Monday at an Atlanta post office.

In 2002, Lowy represented Sayoc in a felony case after he was arrested for reportedly threatening to blow up Florida Power and Light if they cut off the electricity to his laundromat. Additional packages addressed to Sens. Authorities told the Associated Press the devices were not rigged to explode when the packages were opened, but they said they were not sure if that is because the devices were poorly made or were not meant to harm. Furthermore, he said he would not be contacting Obama about his receipt of a package this week. One of those bombs was mailed to CNN offices in NY. "Law enforcement will be visiting those people to notify them, the source said".

All were sent through the Postal Service and intercepted before reaching their intended targets without exploding.