Meghan Markle's 'Casual' Habit Could Get Her in Royal Trouble


The kiwi is New Zealand's native bird, but the fact it can not fly means its young have been affected by predators in the wild.

Meghan Markle spotted a young fan she used to mentor through Instagram in New Zealand, and the touching moment was captured on film.

In the video, Meghan can be seen walking along holding hands with Harry, when suddenly she stops and her jaw drops in shock.

Before stepping into the beaming sun, the pair were gifted korowai, traditional Maori woven cloaks, by the people of Te Arawa, Meghan's honouring her impending motherhood and the significant of female ancestors.

Hannah Sergel, 20, used to talk with Meghan when the then-actress had Instagram, before she deleted her social media when she joined the Royal Family.

"She would tell me to do well at university and encourage me to be myself, ' Hannah told the news outlet".

'I suspect this is what is happening here and the fabric is thick heavily woven piece creating a camera strobe and the illusion its sheer'.

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Harry and Meghan officially became godparents!

After lunch, they visited the Kiwi hatchery and then did their last Royal walkabout of the tour and ended up going over their allotted time to meet fans.

But what we also know (and seretly love) about her is that she does not pay much attention to Royal protocol, whatsoever.

Some compared Meghan's frock to Diana's white lace skirt, with the Duchess displaying her legs through the semi-sheer fabric.

Tomorrow, the royal couple will finally head back to London, concluding their 16-day, four-nation tour Down Under.

Beyond the need to, you know, be a human and put her stuff somewhere, Meghan may also be sending a subliminal message by putting her hands in her pockets that she's sort of over this entire royal tour.