US President Donald Trump suggests he will end birthright citizenship soon: Axios


Revoking birthright citizenship would spark a court fight over the President's unilateral ability to change an amendment to the constitution. You don't have to do it. We have a Constitution which is the supreme law of the land and we have statutes enacted by Congress which are the laws as long as they're consistent with the Constitution.

Trump told the interviewer, "You can definitely do it [remove the right] with an act of Congress".

A portion of the interview was released on October 30, 2018.

President Trump announced his plan in an exchange with Axios on HBO, which airs November 4th. In Anton's view, the clause was added to separate those who are owed citizenship, such as slaves, and those who aren't, such as the children of immigrants who come here without authorization.

The president's proposal to issue an executive order to end birthright citizenship was revealed by Axios reporter Jonathan Swan on Tuesday during an interview with Trump. "It's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. You don't", said Mr Trump. "We are in the process".

Diaz-Balart, meanwhile, said "I strongly disagree with the proposed executive order. That's what you're talking about".

Pat lamented that birthright citizenship may not be the fault of a child born to illegal immigrant parents, but the American people are not at fault either. Trump can try to get Congress to pass a constitutional amendment, "but I don't think they are anywhere close to getting that".

The stripping away of rights granted by the U.S. Constitution would be among President Trump's most virulent attacks on immigrants - and the U.S. Constitution - ever.

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Interestingly every few years, the common law concept of birthright citizenship or "jus soli" comes back into the news. All of the countries in Europe grant citizenship by jus sanguinis - by "right of blood".

"No president can change the Constitution with the stroke of a pen".

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan asked Mr Trump if he had spoken about the move with lawyers.

Birthright citizenship is the entitlement for those born in the US to have automatic citizenship.

"It would mean the children of illegal aliens, even if born in the United States, would not be bestowed USA citizenship upon birth", it said.

Under current policy, anyone born in the US - regardless of whether they are delivered by a non-citizen or undocumented immigrant - is considered a citizen.

"For a president to say all of the sudden I'm going to change it, it's a broad step, I think a very unsafe step, it's too much power", said Kanter.