Midterms Speed Read: All You Need to Know About Tuesday's Vote


The day of reckoning for American politics has almost arrived. While all eyes would be on the so-called "Samosa Caucus" - the unofficial group of five Indian-Americans in the current Congress - the emergence of such a large number of young Indian-Americans reflects the growing desire of this small ethnic community comprising one per cent of the U.S. population.

Mr Trump is playing on numerous themes that dominated Australia's Tampa election in 2001 when John Howard campaigned on stopping the boats.

"Everything matters and everything's at stake", Schriock said. Few experts anticipate any problems in Congress even if the Republicans lose the House; it's less an issue of "if" than of "when.' And 'when" is important, given the ongoing impact of tariffs - deferred, to a degree, by a strong domestic economy - and US farmers keen to have access to export markets in Mexico and Canada.

The main reason for this increase in interest and enthusiasm about voting in the mid-term elections are strong feelings about President Trump.

Should Democrats win control of the House, as strategists in both parties suggest is likely, they could derail Trump's legislative agenda for the next two years.

Perhaps more importantly, they would also win subpoena power to investigate the president's many personal and professional mis-steps.

In an election-eve interview, Trump struck a gentler note with media conglomerate Sinclair Broadcasting, saying he regretted some of his caustic campaign rhetoric.

Trump's Republican coalition is increasingly becoming older, whiter, more male and less likely to have a college degree. More people say they would vote for a Democratic candidate than a Republican in Tuesday's congressional elections, Reuters/Ipsos polling shows. "Obama's barnstorming is something that we have not seen, and I think it is an indication that he takes the Trump presidency as a rebuff of his own performance as president".

Just five years ago, the Republican National Committee reported that the GOP's very survival depended upon attracting more minorities and women.

One of the RNC report's authors, Ari Fleischer, acknowledged that Republican leaders never envisioned expanding their ranks with white, working-class men. The Republican president named Sessions' chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, as acting attorney general and said he would nominate someone for the job soon. These House candidates would much prefer that President Trump stay focused on the good economic news and stay away from divisive cultural issues.

A nationwide poll released on Sunday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal details the depth of the demographic shifts.

On the other side, Republicans led with voters between the ages of 50 and 64 (52 percent to 43 percent), men (50 percent to 43 percent) and whites (50 percent to 44 percent). And among white men without college degrees, Republicans led 65% to 30%.

With a number of districts where the Democrats hope to make gains, experts say the gubernatorial campaign by Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a black Democrat, has helped to mobilize young and minority voices.

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Former President Barack Obama seized on the differences between the parties in a final-days scramble to motivate voters across the nation.

"One election won't eliminate racism, sexism or homophobia", Mr Obama said during an appearance in Florida.

Democrats saw the election in equally historic terms. "But it'll be a start".

He warned supporters on the telephone town hall to get out and vote because "the press is very much considering it a referendum on me and us as a movement". The president also said soldiers would use lethal force against migrants who throw rocks, before later reversing himself. Fewer voters in that year, just 16%, said they were turning out to support the president.

The two parties were also tangling in several crucial governors' races, including in Midwest battleground states such as Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and MI. Nearly two-thirds of Republicans (64%) say immigration is extremely important to them, while that dips twenty points to 44% among Democrats.

Still, about one-third of voters said Trump was not a factor in their votes.

Democrats in Congress were poised to make gains in the House, seeking to flip 23 seats to regain control of the chamber and serve as a check on Trump's policies.

The Republicans had an advantage in Senate races because elections were held for only 35 seats in the 100-member chamber and many of them were in states that often lean Republican.

The Democrats meanwhile are attacking Mr Trump for his plans to cut America's already woeful public health system, his pro-guns policies and the tacit encouragement he has given to far-right groups who have popularised racial hatred, including the anti-Semitism behind the attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh. Sanders said he would continue making calls Wednesday.

Liberal activist Tom Steyer spent roughly $120 million this midterm season.

Turnout in mid-term elections hovers around 40% of eligible voters.

VIRGINIA: The state slogan may be "Virginia is for lovers", but there's no love lost here between Republicans and Democrats, who are eyeing a number of districts as ripe for the taking - most notably that of Rep. Barbara Comstock, a Trump ally who is trying to fend off a strong challenger in Democrat Jennifer Wexton.

"We're not some fringe element of the Democratic Party".