Possible mass shooting at bar in Thousand Oaks, California


Israel's Consul General in Los Angeles Sam Grundwerg released a statement that "I have not received any information on Israeli victims" in the incident. Authorities say there were multiple injuries - including one officer - after a man opened fire in Southern California bar late Wednesday.

Police have described it as a "mass casualty incident" and helicopters are swirling overhead.

Authorities did not confirm if a suspect had been taken into custody.

"It was really, really really shocking", Whitler told KABC-TV as she stood with her father in the Borderline parking lot.

"It was constant, until he changed clips, then there was a pause and then he reloaded. and he kept on going and then he reloaded and kept popping them off".

The LA Times reports the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force had been dispatched to the scene.

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He was believed to have been confined inside the bar before being shot dead.

Kuredjian said at around 0915 GMT (5pm Singapore time) that the shooter was still confined inside the premises, adding that he did not know if he had been subdued or shot. People threw chairs out of the windows to try to get away. Another witness said the gunman wielded what looked like a sub-machine gun.

Police told the Los Angeles Times at least 30 shots were fired.

He said he heard from people inside that they were hiding in bathrooms and the attic of the bar.

Authorities are still treating it as active shooter scene and have urged the public to avoid the area.