Samsung Launches Its Second Android Go Device


The Samsung Developer Conference 2018 has just wrapped up in San Francisco, and Samsung has put forth all plans for its ecosystem of products for the coming year.

The high-level idea for the entire conference is for the company, whose smartphones, video screens and other products are globally pervasive, is to make it easier for developers and business partners to efficiently build, launch and scale new applications for those millions of devices around the world. A new foundation?Why would we want our displays to fold?

"The foldable display lays the foundation for a new kind of mobile experience", said Koh Dong-jin, president and CEO of the IT and mobile communications division at Samsung.

By using two AI processing units, Samsung smartphones will be able to process images quicker and perform machine learning tasks faster.

Bixby started as an intelligent interface, a practical way to use voice to interact with your phone.

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Not alike: I've previously reported on the foldable smartphone rumor.

Only three years ago Samsung's UI looked like a gaudy auto boot sale, which felt out of place as Samsung's own futuristic AMOLED curved panels were rolling into mass production.

"But it's smart to open it up to developers early to do different types of experiences". Several windows can be arranged and used on the large screen.

As Adam Ismail at Tom's Guide found, putting the interactive content in the bottom half of the screen means "wasting" the top half of the display. The lights on the stage dimmed to deliberately obscure details of the device, and Denison opened it like a book to show a main organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen - which Samsung has dubbed "Infinity Flex Display" - that measures 7.3 inches diagonally.