Rep. Kevin McCarthy says GOP has " a lot of room to grow"


Along with Paul Ryan and former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, McCarthy was one of the party's "Young Guns", poised to be the next generation of GOP leadership on Capitol Hill.

House Republicans have agreed to the $5 billion Trump wants, but senators struck a bipartisan deal earlier this year to provide only $1.6 billion.

In talking to reporters, it appeared he was deciding between the judiciary and finance committees, and meant to announce his decision "within a few days". "We didn't talk about fear mongering", Kopser said during his concession speech.

But McCarthy added, "We took a beating inside the suburban areas". Schrier also says climate change is going to be a focus. It's not a where-you-come-from geographic thing.

Bloomberg spent more than $110 million in the midterms.

Shelby said the message to Trump would be: "Try not to shut the government down, try to avoid that, try to move appropriations".

The 2018 midterm elections helped Democrats elect a diverse class of incoming members but the losses suffered by Republicans made their House caucus even more white and male.

The Californian represented defeated Rep. Jim Jordan of OH 159-43.

McCarthy told reporters before the party elections that "we've got a plan" to counter Democrats in the next two years.

Through their victory in the House, the Democrats now have effective veto power over the Trump administration's legislative initiatives.

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Sen. John Thune of South Dakota took over as Republican whip from Sen.

Rounding out the GOP leadership team will be Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who was on hand to watch his daughter take over the No. 3 spot he held decades ago. "I'm here in Washington to represent you, the 45th congressional district of California", she said. The main House committee overseeing science policy will now be controlled by Democrats and is expected to be chaired by a lawmaker who has already vowed to break with the prior GOP leadership's antiscience positions.

Republicans also elected Rep. Steve Scalise (La.) to maintain his position as the GOP whip, the No. 2 leadership role in the minority party. Both were selected by acclamation. And elections are being reversed where Republicans initially won. Joni Ernst, as they sought to address the optics of the GOP side of the aisle being dominated by men. If Kim is elected, she would America's first Korean-American congresswoman.

McCarthy had faced a long-shot challenge from Rep. Jim Jordan of OH, the co-founder of the conservative Freedom Caucus.

"I think that it's awesome to have a young voter turnout as large as we did", Rachel Grode '19 said.

"This portrait of newly elected members of Congress is striking", New York Times congressional correspondent Sheryl Gay Stolberg noted, sharing a handout of the members-elect photos on Twitter.

Trump claimed, without providing any evidence, that blatant use of fake voters in disguise had swung close elections.

"I think we are certainly open to finding common ground", said Mr. Brady, citing infrastructure as a possible point of agreement.

Nobody has stepped up to challenge Mrs. Pelosi nor her top lieutenant, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, who is in line to become majority leader.

And unlike some other Republicans in vulnerable seats, Walters stuck with Trump on his two major legislative initiatives ― the failed bid to repeal the ACA, as well as the tax cut bill that became law.