MP reveals he is HIV positive in attempt to tackle stigma


More than half of respondents living with HIV reported negative or different treatment by health workers (52%).

The medical trial, which was led by Chinese scientist He Jiankui, purports to have successfully altered the DNA of twin girls, whose father is HIV-positive, to prevent them from contracting the virus. It has also increased the number of people tested through the city's mobile unit to 4,000 in a year to 4,000 in a month.

Some of the most positive trends have been witnessed in eastern and southern Africa, which is home to more than half of the almost 37 million people around the world living with HIV.

One of the groups most at risk for contracting HIV is students.

The virus that causes is AIDS is no longer considered a deaths sentence for people who have the infection. In 2017, TCE in Namibia reached 50,623 people with testing, of whom 3,917 tested HIV positive.

Officials say the goal of the event is to educate the community so they take the proper steps to protect themselves. Han Mengjie, a director at the Chinese CDC, pointed out that less than 40% of sexually active students use condoms. That's a big shift from just a few years ago, when HIV/AIDS were taboo subjects, rarely mentioned through official channels. Some campuses have even started selling cheap HIV testing kits in vending machines.

Lloyd Russell Moyle said there is still stigma surrounding HIV
Lloyd Russell Moyle said there is still stigma surrounding HIV

This is happening despite the ongoing "test and treat HIV programme" carried out by the national and county governments to ensure that all infected Kenyans receive free antiretroviral drugs.

Meanwhile, infection rates are also rising among elderly Chinese.

Most of HIV/AIDS patients in Indonesia were in a range of ages between 20 and 49 years old. But not only that - if you're on treatment, you're going to feel better and you'll probably live a normal life.

Darryl O'Donnell, CEO of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations said: "Advances in medicine, technology and health promotion have powered strong progress against HIV".

On Thursday, the Chinese ministry of science and technology stressed its opposition to the gene-editing baby experiment, and demanded a halt to the "scientific activities of relevant personnel".

It is against this background that the Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana), is calling on stakeholders in Ghana to intensify their efforts in encouraging the youth to accept voluntary counseling and testing of their status.

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