Fortnite Season 7 Has Arrived, Bringing With it a Creative Cold Breeze


As far as who decides which creations are good enough to appear at The Block, Mustard said that "we're going to all pick it together", which is rather vague, but Epic have already recommended players to post their creations on social media and use #FortniteBlockParty.

Season 7 of Fortnite has arrived like clockwork, bringing with it a massive iceberg that has transformed part of the map into a winter wonderland.

Finally, Season 7 adds a new act to "Fortnite's" Save the World campaign.

Any new season wouldn't be complete without the arrival of new skins, which include Santa-a-like character "Sergeant Winter" and The Ice King.

We've included, once again, a screenshot of the metal turtle location on your map, as well as what it looks like when you've landed on it, too. Guesses are this is due to it releasing ahead of planned schedule to get on top of the leak, but it does suggest you might pay for early access, then have potential issues actually playing with the mode. Everyone else will get access to the new feature on December 13.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games has asked players to adhere to a Creative code of conduct. It's very important that your creations can fit nicely on The Block.

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Chests, floor loot and vehicle spawns will be determined by Epic.

The Block will be the dedicated area for player-created content, and players will help determine what gets featured in that area.

As with season 6, there are three free challenges each week, but your dance on top of a submarine is of the four Battle Pass ones.

Keep account information safe and private.

Be friendly and have fun!