African Grey Parrot Rocco shops online on its own


He's been chatting her up the whole day, says his owner, and even manages to order stuff that the owner then has to check and cancel each day, reports The Times.

Rocco the African Grey parrot has managed to talk himself into trouble. Things escalated when it began ordering items like water melons, raisins, broccoli, ice cream, a light bulb and even a kite.

Rocco's owner Marion Wischnewski told the Daily Mail that she was shocked when she saw what he had done.

The stray bird came into the care of the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) charity in the United Kingdom in late 2017 and soon showed off his love of swear words.

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According to the paper, the parrot's owner, Marion Wischnewski, chose to foster him after volunteering at a sanctuary.

When he can't get his online grocery shopping done, Rocco asks Alexa to play music, with American group Kings of Leon as his favorite band.

A parrot that who kicked out of an animal sanctuary for swearing too much is up to mischief once more, all thanks to the smart house he lives in. She also said that he has romantic music playing for her when she reaches home. But Rocco's relationship to Alexa is not only limited to shopping.

To explain Rocco's fondness of Alexa, the owner revealed the two interact for about 40 times a day.