Drama at the Miss Universe Pageant as Ashley Graham Falls Backstage


From that time on, Pia was resolute in joining the Miss Universe beauty pageant, making numerous attempts, training for three years while also working as a lifestyle journalist.

"I'm very excited to participate in Miss Universe.

She's a well brought up pageant girl", Hung said, concluding that Gray will be "amazing" as Miss Universe. "And today I am here, proudly representing my nation, all women and human rights", she wrote in Spanish. As long as I know my intentions were pure, people around me know me - they know that I would never say anything like that deliberately - so I just had to be okay with that and let other people say what they wanna say.

In the final round, Gray earned applause describing her work in the slums of the Philippine capital Manila.

"I would love to hear her personal experience on the battlefront of being a transgender woman", she said.

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- Remson Ramos (@rmsnramos) December 17, 2018They dedicated a special segment for Angela Ponce to acknowledge her, and recognize her representation.

'Show is over, but the doctors came to the rescue. And she has a goal.

"Isa pang winning moment 'yung recognition na ibinigay nila sa transgender at sa LGBTQ community, 'yung ibinigay nila sa Spain".

"Many people don't have information about what it is to be a transgender woman, to have that part of you telling you that your identity is female", she said in the video. "That is who she is", she further noted.

Some online bookmakers have made her their favourite Miss Universe 2018 participant.