Bright light mystifies New Yorkers after transformer fire


LaGuardia Airport resumed normal full operations overnight after an electrical emergency at a Con Edison substation in Queens lit the night sky across much of New York City and spawned a flurry of social media reaction.

No injuries have been reported, and local authorities are asking people to avoid the location of the explosion at 20th Avenue and 31st Street in Astoria.

According to NY officials, the incident-which resulted in the brief closure of the LaGuardia Airport in Queens-is under control and there are no longer signficant power outages in the surrounding area.

"You start to try and figure out what it can be, but nothing made sense". Follow @fdny, @NYPD114pct and @conedison'. There are no other significant reported power outages at this time.

Eric Philips, spokesman for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio stated that "scattered" power outages were reported elsewhere.

The weird sight set social media a frenzy, as authorities tried to work out what was going on at 9.30pm on Thursday night. 'Unclear what the cause is. everything (exiting, boarding, security, etc.) is frozen until they figure it out. Con Ed confirmed that the airport was running on generator power.

"Arriving flights are able to land, but some departures are being held up".

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Residents rushed out to the streets as lights flickered around the city.

Still, Deputy Inspector Osvaldo Nunez, the commanding officer of the 114th Precinct, conceded that the episode "was spectacular".

"I wish the blue sky in NY was aliens and not a power plant on fire", one Twitter user wrote. The cause of the incident was being investigated, it said.

'The transformer explosion in Astoria was. right outside my window, ' he said.

One user said: 'Anyone else see this blue light in the sky just now in Brooklyn or NYC?

"Astoria got one of the craziest gender reveals", another joked alongside a video of the blue sky.