Baker Mayfield fined $10K for 'lewd' TD celebration, report says


-$10,026 fine for pretending to pull out a comically oversized penis from his trousers.

The Browns quarterback pretended to expose his genitals after scoring against the Bengals and former Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson.

After the Cleveland Browns lost a heartbreaker to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 17, Colin Cowherd, as usual, was quick to share his thoughts on Baker Mayfield. See for yourself around the 18-second mark in the video. "He's in middle of a football game in the NFL". (The first grab cost him $11,050, and he had to cough up $20,000 after doing it again a few months later).

The rookie told reporters this past week that he did not remember the details of what happened.

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I personally believe that 10 years from now, Mayfield will be bigger in Cleveland than LeBron ever was. "I don't know. We have a lot of stuff within the locker room, what we have going on in the offense".

While the dates and times won't be announced for a while, normally in April, the Steelers know who will be on the schedule, including the traditional AFC North opponents. The NFL's expert evaluators of crotchial pantomime begged to differ, and Mayfield has to pay as a result.

Heck, even LeBron himself admitted that the Browns' quarterback should be the face of the city.