NYPD surveillance drone will fly above Times Square on New Year's Eve


The drone will be joined by over 7,000 police officers in the Times Square area, and everyone wishing to visit for the New Year's Eve celebration will have to pass through metal detectors at security checkpoints, which will be used to funnel visitors into penned off areas to avoid overcrowding.

Rain drops fell along with confetti as revelers rang in 2019 in New York's Times Square, capping a soggy New Year's celebration that included singer-songwriter Bebe Rexha's stirring rendition of John Lennon's "Imagine" just before midnight.

The 10th annual webcast will cover the action and festivities in Times Square, beginning with the Ball Raising at 6 p.m. EST, plus live musical performances, hourly countdowns, behind-the-scenes stories, and star-studded interviews as anticipation builds towards the midnight countdown and the famous Ball Drop ...

New Kids on the Block fan Nyia Williamson says she's been to the Times Square party 10 times before.

Janette Masson, 29, said she preferred this year's rain to last year's bone-chilling cold. Nothing in our profession is done alone, however, and our members work hand-in-hand with our law-enforcement partners - including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the New York State Police, the MTA Police, and many others - all throughout the year in preparation.

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How to livestream: You can stream "NBC's New Year's Eve" on NBC.com or the NBC app.

"I can deal with it", said Masson's 61-year-old mother, Judy Masson, as she stood in the rain with many hours of waiting still to come.

People arriving early enough to grab a standing spot in Times Square itself may have a good view of the stages where the entertainers perform. Luckily, Netflix has 14 different streamable countdowns to have your own New Year's Eve midnight celebration at any time you want.

Umbrellas were banned as part of the tight security plan, police said, reflecting concern over the possibility of random attacks. Police had planned to send up a drone to keep an eye on the festivities, but officials scrapped the flight due to the rain.

"You have to come here in person", she said before applying lipstick and asking a stranger to take her picture on her cellphone. Plastic ponchos were allowed, with street vendors selling them for $5 on nearby avenues. They are employed to help with search-and-rescue missions, as well as documenting crime scenes and - as with New Year's Eve - monitoring large events.