Kyler Murray to declare for NFL Draft: Likely first rounder


The A's and Murray had an agreement in place: they would allow him to play one more year of football at Oklahoma before joining the club for spring training in 2019.

Should Murray, 21, opt to enter the National Football League draft, the real question will come February 15 when A's position players report to Mesa, Ariz.

Murray will need to make a decision in the next month.

If Murray elects not to play baseball, he would have to return the signing bonus but Oakland would not receive any compensation picks in this June's draft, according to Slusser.

Murray signed with the A's last year with both parties understanding he fully meant to play college football for one more year.

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Murray, an outfielder on the diamond, is due to report to spring training in Arizona on February 15 - nearly two weeks before the NFL's scouting combine takes place.

The writer had some nasty tweets for Murray in response to the report about the quarterback likely declaring for the NFL Draft. - Murray has an invite to big-league camp. The A's gave him their blessing, right before they gave him a $4.66 million signing bonus. That sort of indecision isn't something you want out of your highly compensated first round selection. Todd McShay details how much money Murray can make if he went to the Major League Baseball vs. what he will make in the NFL.

Murray is at the top of the list for a bunch of teams, especially for a team that has the #1 pick, in which the Arizona Cardinals now have.

College football fans can dream of an Air Raid union made in heaven of Kingsbury and Murray playing at University of Phoenix Stadium, but there are plenty of obstacles in the way of that reality. He said after Oklahoma lost to the Tide in the Orange Bowl that it wasn't the appropriate time to talk about it yet.