Most Americans blame Trump, Republicans for partial gov't shutdown


Their first monthly salary payment was missed on Friday as a result of the shutdown, triggered by President Donald Trump's plans to use federal government funds for a wall on the United States's southern border with Mexico.

If there's no deal at the end of that time, Graham says Trump would be free to take the more dramatic step of declaring a national emergency to build it.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, said money should be spent on border security but not on walls.

What's up with the partial government shutdown on Day 23.

Senator Lindsey Graham said Sunday he'd like President Trump to reopen the federal government on a temporary basis to see whether a deal can be reached to fund the president's wall on the US-Mexico border and declare a national emergency if not. -Mexican border would allow Trump to spend the $5 billion he wants for a wall without congressional approval - a move Democrats would immediately challenge in court.

The No. 2 Senate Democrat, Dick Durbin, said yesterday on ABC that "if this president is going to turn to national emergencies every time he disagrees with Congress, I'm against it". The president initially sounded as though such a move was imminent, but then pulled back.

Graham favors a declaration and said the time for talk is running out.

Jennifer Lawless, a politics professor at the University of Virginia, said she believed Mr Trump and Republicans would lose the game of chicken as furloughed workers, travellers, tourists and others "experience the consequences of political dysfunction firsthand".

While a national emergency would provide some legal framework for his administration to freely move funds toward construction of a barrier, it would nearly certainly face court challenges.

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"I do think if we reopen the government, if the president ends this shutdown crisis, we have folks who can negotiate a responsible, modern investment in technology that will actually make us safer", Mr Coons said.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 13, 2019The building of the Wall on the Southern Border will bring down the crime rate throughout the entire Country! Instead, McConnell last week vowed to stand with Trump in the wall debate, after the president met with all Senate Republicans and pleaded for party unity behind his wall quest.

Mr Trump told Pirro he had not left the White House in months except for recent trips to Iraq and Germany and was "ready, willing and able to get a deal done".

Senator Ron Johnson, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, told CNN that he would "hate" to see Trump invoke emergency powers for a wall.

Of those 42 percent who support the wall, 24 percent say Trump should continue to demand the level of funding he has asked for, and 16 percent say he should strike a deal with the Democrats.

More Americans-54%-still say they oppose a border wall. Chris Coons (D-Del.) said in a separate appearance on "Fox News Sunday".

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told the West Block's Mercedes Stephenson that the three-week shutdown is a grudge match symbolizing the bigger ideological fight between Republicans and Democrats, but warned the country will face serious economic harm if it doesn't end soon.

On CNN's State of the Union program, Sen.