Cadillac Tapped Into The Club Of Electric Vehicle Manufacturers


The framework can be used to adjust the power train in different configurations including front-wheel, rear and all-wheel drive.

General Motors' luxury brand Cadillac is beginning a full-on assault on brand identification in order to take back America's hearts as a status symbol for opulence.

The launch of the EV is part of an aggressive product release movement by GM who plans to release a new model every 6 months between now and 2021.

GM previously announced that Cadillac would be its lead brand for electric vehicle, and now we are getting images in the form of teasers for the automakers first planned electric vehicle.

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Cadillac says that its new EV platform will allow it to quickly respond to customer preferences with a "relatively" short lead time, and a variety of body styles will be possible with the architecture.

The company promises that the vehicle will feature advanced drive units and battery cells that work optimally in all of GM's diverse markets.

The new electric Caddy SUV will be GMs first electric auto to use GM's new third-generation electric-car architecture, with a versatile "skateboard" chassis and a battery-pack design that can accommodate different capacities in the same format. The battery system can also be adapted to vehicle and customer requirements.

Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac, says the upcoming model will challenge the world's best cars. Audi's e-tron SUV is accepting orders, Mercedes is planning to have an all electric luxury sport utility vehicle by the end of the decade and the Jaguar i-Pace is available for sale now.