Total Lunar Eclipse Meets Supermoon Sunday Night


Viewed from the USA east coast the moon will enter Earth's umbra just a few minutes after 10:30 P.M., with the full lunar disk falling wholly into shadow for slightly over an hour, beginning at 11:41 P.M.

The Super Moon eclipse on September 28, 2015 as seen from Avon, Conn. It's just some rare cosmic geometry that will turn a big ol' full moon a spooky shade of crimson for a spell.

All of which is to say that what you're getting is a SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON, which sounds much cooler than "total lunar eclipse", just saying.

On Sunday night, the air will be cold and the sky will be clear for most of the country as a total lunar eclipse bathes the moon in an eerie blood-red hue.

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes exactly between the Sun and the Moon creating a shadow which stops solar rays reaching the lunar surface.

When and how can you see the Super Wolf Blood Moon? "The Jan. 21 total lunar eclipse will be the last one until May 2021, and the last one visible from the United States until 2022".

A "wolf moon" is what Native Americans call the year's first full moon. It could look reddish (a "blood moon").

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Lastly, pick a time to see the eclipse, the first or second half (3.30am - 6am or 6.30am onwards).

The total phase of the eclipse will be visible from the Western Hemisphere, Europe and the western part of Africa, as well as the northernmost portions of Russian Federation.

Neel Roberts, as astronomer with the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Calgary, said southern Alberta will get one of the best views of the lunar event happening on Sunday evening. The last time New Yorkers could gaze so high at a totally eclipsed moon was in 1797, when John Adams was president; the next opportunity won't come until 2113.

WALTER FREEMAN, PHYSICIST, SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY: "Minutes after 10:30 p.m". Totality is expected to start a little over an hour later, around 11:43 p.m., and hold for an hour.

"If you are lucky enough to be able to see the whole event, you can get a mental picture of the size of the Earth's shadow at the distance of the moon by watching the moon move against background stars".

"During totality, which will last 62 minutes, the moon will appear to glow like an eerie ball - which to the eye, and especially in binoculars and small telescopes - will appear nearly three dimensional", Joe Rao, an instructor at New York's Hayden Planetarium, wrote in a column.

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