Huawei says remains focused on supporting Vodafone's 5G rollout


They apparently don't want to lose funding under the terms of last year's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which banned federal funding recipients from using certain products and services offered by Huawei and ZTE, another Chinese manufacturer that has raised similar red flags.

The firm's core networks are the data centres, equipment and software that Vodafone uses to connect customers to each other and the internet. He said the issue of potential restrictions on Huawei is creating uncertainty among operators, which is "never good".

Tensions between China and the USA and its Western allies spiked last month after Canada arrested Huawei's chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, on a United States extradition request alleging she lied to banks about trade with Iran. Huawei has denied wrongdoing.

Read said Vodafone's move was not borne out of government or political pressure but an overall "unhealthy level of noise" about the Huawei issue.

The maker of telecommunications equipment, spanning aerials to handsets, reported a 50 percent jump in consumer business revenue previous year to in excess of $52 billion.

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At the announcement of its 5G modem, the Balong 5000, Richard Yu, boss of the Consumer Business Group (that's the bit that isn't getting banned right left and centre) said "We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona in February, where we will launch the world's first 5G smartphone (s?) with foldable screen".

"Even without the USA market, we will be number one in the world", Yu said, with reference to the fact that the company had shipped 208 million handsets past year.

"I believe at the earliest this year, and next year at the latest", Mr. Yu continued.

Huawei further stated that the company sold more than 7.5 million units of Mate 20 series smartphones worldwide while it managed to sell 17 million units of the P20 series models. But from the smiles and applause that followed, it seems that Huawei is poised to really launch its own take on the foldable smartphone next month. He said its Balong 5000 chipset, a rival to Qualcomm Inc's Snapdragon X50, is the world's most powerful 5G modem and can be used in vehicles.

At an event in Beijing on Thursday, the Chinese giant said it is the world's first chipset to support both standalone and non-standalone 5G, and can also support. This now 5G base station is smaller and also more integrated. Ding Wei, managing director of Huawei said that the company's development of 5G technology is "unimaginable".