Ariana Grande's tattoo now says Japanese BBQ finger


Ariana Grande's "7 rings" is now the number one song in the country.

"For anyone who wonders, it now says she has bbq fingers", Frederick said, adding in another tweet: 7 rings in Japanese is: 七つの指輪 Her current tattoo reads: "Charcoal BBQ Grill Fingers". She then went back and tried to fix it but instead just made it more hilarious.

However, trying to make amends, Grande only made matters worse.

"Why... how... now Ariana's tattoo reads 'Japanese BBQ finger", Japan-based Buzzfeed reporter Eimi Yamamitsu tweeted.

In an Instagram story posted Thursday, Grande showed a revised tattoo.

Those well acquainted with the tattoo acquisition process know that the more permanent body art you get, the more likely you'll be to royally screw it up. She also had a tattoo of Pete's name her finger covered up and turned into a heart after the split. Thanks to my tutor for helping me to fix and to [tattoo artist Kane Navasard] for being a legend.

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However the tutor's explanation had the additional symbol placed above the original two, while the tattoo correction has the new one placed below.

Prior to the remix, 2 Chainz addressed the similarities by posting a clip of Grande's "7 Rings" video with a reference to Soulja Boy aka Big Drako.

- Zac Russell (@ZacRussell93) February 1, 2019Ariana wants people to read her's top-to-bottom, left-to-right, but Japanese is NEVER arranged that way.

"It's the typical archetype of people using google translate before getting a tattoo", one fan wrote.

Anyway, despite having the word "grill" tatted on her palm, Ari has once again found herself being roasted (ha, haha, hahaha, see what we did there?) on Twitter. "Miss [you] man. I actually really liked [you]".