Bolton: 'All Options Are on the Table' with Venezuela


Guaido declared himself interim president last week before tens of thousands of cheering supporters and vowed to end Maduro's "dictatorship".

"Our goal is to ensure that Citgo remains viable, but to make sure that Maduro and his cronies are not able to loot Citgo in the way that they've been looting it for years", the official said, adding that the US was also looking at further economic sanctions.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido says he's respectfully declining offers from the presidents of Mexico and Uruguay to negotiate with President Nicolas Maduro.

The US is Venezuela's largest crude importer, ahead of India and China, but the new measures limit transactions between US companies and state oil company PDVSA.

"Maduro is not president and the Constituent Assembly has no legitimacy, no value", he said.

As domestic and worldwide pressure on Maduro to step down mounts, a senior air force general disavowed him in a video that circulated earlier on Saturday, expressing his allegiance to parliament head and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido.

Guaido argues that Maduro's re-election a year ago was rife with fraud, and he has invoked two articles of Venezuela's constitution which he says give him the right to assume presidential powers.

"I think what is important is, as you mentioned in your first question, though, is there is overwhelming support among the Latin American countries for the transfer of power away from Maduro".

According to an European Union document agreed by foreign ministers on Thursday, the so-called International Contact Group on Venezuela will seek new elections in Venezuela within 90 days through "regular, discreet and structured contacts".

Instead of the bloc as a whole making a joint declaration, each of the 28 governments will come forward with their own position on whether to back Venezuela's National Assembly head.

"For the foreseeable future, we feel like we can maintain a good stable operation and a safe operation on the ground in Venezuela", Chevron CEO Michael Wirth said Friday in a conference call with Wall Street analysts.

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Towards the end of his speech, Guaido said that agents of Special Action Forces (FAES) were at his home.

"We will never lend ourselves to false dialogues in any place", he said, adding that protests will continue throughout the country. "We don't know. We don't know because this man (Maduro) doesn't want to leave and is very defiant".

"I have no quality of life, I can't go out onto the streets, my university is falling apart, they've closed classrooms, there are no teachers", she said.

In the video, Yanez claimed that "90 percent" of the country's armed forces are against Maduro.

The US on Thursday urged all European countries to recognise Guaido, but Maduro has told the "imperialists" to wait until 2025 for new elections.

"Nicolas Maduro has got big problems".

Four major European powers - Britain, France, Germany and Spain - have said they would do so if Maduro fails to call presidential elections by the weekend.

"We've been imposing economic sanctions, increasing political pressure from around the world", he said.

He's backed by the United States and roughly two dozen nations.

Jazairy's office has taken funds from donors including Russian Federation, one of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's staunchest supporters.