Teaser image] Huawei will launch its foldable-screen 5G smartphone at MWC


Huawei has used Twitter to tease what it will have coming at Mobile World Congress only days later, and all signs point to a foldable phone.

Huawei's foldable smartphone is most likely to feature 5G connectivity, which will be one of the biggest additions that Android smartphone manufacturers will tout this year. (KRX:005930) foldable smartphone is during the launch of the Galaxy S10 on February 20. The device details are largely unclear, but the teaser image shared speaks volumes of the innovation. However, Chinese smartphone company Huawei is not far behind. All of that information sits inside what appears to be a folded device.

Will you pick the newly updated Samsung Galaxy S9 or the upcoming new Samsung phones to be announced this 2019? - Samsung Electronics on July 31 reported a 0.1 percent dip in its second quarter net profit from a year earlier, blaming slower global sales of premium smartphones that dented demand for its flagship Galaxy device.

As for Huawei, well we're expecting to see a foldable phone with 5G connectivity later this month at MWC 2019. Among other things, the footage depicts the company's rumored foldable Galaxy smartphone (often quoted as "Galaxy F", or "Galaxy X") as well as bezel-less Galaxy tablet. The video, which was subsequently pulled, depicts a foldable device with both internal and external displays, similar to renderings leaked last June. Some of the possible names of the smartphone include - Mate Flex, Mate Flexi, Mate Fold and Mate F. In the first glance, the smartphone looks extremely sleek.

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Huawei did not reveal all that much info about its foldable phone, nearly any, but thanks to various trademarks and patents, we do have some info regarding the device, or at least we think we do.

Move over, notch. 2019 is all about 5G and foldable screens - the two buzzwords we keep hearing at every event, with every major announcement, and in every teaser.

Xiaomi has also demonstrated a double folding smartphone that it may mass produce.