To-Play Titanfall Battle Royale Game, Apex Legends, Will Release Tomorrow


For the rest of us folks, though, the game was both announced and released today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This may have been because they were working on a new battle royale set inside the Titanfall universe. Players will select from one of eight Legends - each with their own unique abilities and playstyles - and the last team standing wins.

There are no pilotable mechs in the game. Just like the first two Titanfall games, Apex Legends will run on a modified version of Valve's Source Engine, ensuring decent performance across platforms.

Twitter user Ben Morrow has leaked a few low-res images that appear to reveal some of the characters that you'll be able to play as in the game, in what seems like a fairly Overwatch-y setup.

Reports have also begun to pop up on other sites that Apex Legends has completely replaced a third Titanfall game - according to Kotaku, Titanfall 3 isn't now in development and Apex Legends is what we're getting instead.

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The real kicker? That EA plans to launch Apex Legends soon. Additional seasons will be released in the future, with different themes and new content as well as Legends, skins, and weapons.

If you need context for where the game sits in the Titanfall timeline, the game is set 30 years after the events of Titanfall 2 and takes place in the Outlands, where a bunch of characters are competing in a Hunger Games-esque bloodsport.

Perhaps the studio made a decision to switch engines for Titanfall 3, releasing Apex Legends (which is also reportedly on Source) as a stopgap as it pushed back the release of a proper third Titanfall game.

"We're doing a free to play game, with essentially loot boxes, after we were bought by EA, and it's not Titanfall 3", lead producer Drew McCoy tells Eurogamer. Or perhaps the work Respawn had done for Titanfall 3 wound up evolving into this spinoff game.