New York Times posts Zuckerberg anniversary video


The feature has been rolled out in the USA for iOS and Android, but when Junkee attempted to update their iOS Messenger this morning, no update was yet available.

Facebook began feeling the pressure to release an Unsend feature after its CEO got caught deleting messages. It's a pretty straightforward process: Just tap on the message you've sent within 10 minutes and you'll have the option to pull the message back. The latter option only removes the message in your view of the conversation, whereas Remove for everyone will remove the message from the conversation for all recipients.

Long-press on a message sent within the last 10 minutes. At the time, Facebook told TechCrunch Zuckerberg's messages were deleted for security purposes. Instead, it'll be replaced with text explaining that a message was removed.

The feature first appeared last April after Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was discovered to have deleted messages he had previously sent. You send the wrong message to the wrong person or spell a word embarrassingly bad over messenger.

Facebook owns the mobile messaging application used by more than a billion people.

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A similar approach is taken in WhatsApp, Facebook's other messaging service, where all conversations are end-to-end encrypted by default.

This new remove message for everyone feature is available for users around the world on both iOS and Android. But be warned, like WhatsApp, everyone in the chat will be alerted that the message was removed.

What happened: To celebrate Facebook's 15th anniversary, The New York Times Opinions staff created a highlight reel video mimicking the one Facebook uses to mark "friendversaries".

In the note, Zuckerberg indeed relates his apartment choice to make "a basic site composed around individuals", which in the end developed to in excess of 2 billion clients.

Facebook showing how the feature will work.