Frozen cat thaws out after getting stuck in snow


A family is grateful that their cat is safe and has returned home after she was found frozen and buried in snow.

Her owners found her outside near their Montana home last week.

The temperature was just 10 degrees when the cat named Fluffy was brought to the veterinarian's office.

The cat was discharged to its owners the same night and when Dr Clark checked in a few days later, Fluffy appeared to be back to normal.

Fluffy the cat was literally thawed after she was found buried in snow, her fur matted in ice. They scooped her up and immediately drove her to the vet, which is probably what saved her life.

Clark said it was when Fluffy started growling that he knew the cat would be okay.

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It's been a wild winter for "Fluffy" the cat.

The staff struggled to get an IV in her right away.

On Tuesday, the Animal Clinic of Kalispell posted photos of Fluffy on Facebook to share her story of "success and survival".

"After many hours she recovered and is now completely normal", the clinic said. "We'll see if Fluffy likes that or Fluffy doesn't like that", Dr Clark said.

Fluffy's temperature was so low the staff couldn't even measure it on their thermometer. The clinic said there were some signs of injury and they believe she couldn't get to her "warm spot". The 3-year-old cat had mostly stayed outside before, but now she's staying inside - where it's nice and warm.

Fluffy's owners plan to try to keep her inside for now.