Trump to Ban Huawei Tech in US Wireless Networks


For example, since Huawei's equipment is not used in the U.S. networks, is the United States having the most secure network?

"Enhancing our software engineering capabilities is like replacing components on a high-speed train in motion", the letter stated.

The U.S. has been citing national security as a reason behind excluding Chinese equipment, alleging their hardware could provide backdoor access to the Chinese government to harm American networks.

The Chinese company has faced criticism across the world and has been under intense scrutiny regarding its connection with the Chinese government amid suspicion it could pose a security threat.

Of late, concerns over foreign companies or vendors helping USA enemies to infiltrate sensitive computer systems in the country are high after alleged Russian involvement in the 2016 election. It is a complicated process and will take at least three to five years to see tangible results.

The company also denied previous claims it could be compelled to assist Chinese national intelligence work using information gathered from the UK.

Abraham Liu reiterated that Huawei has not and would never harm the interests of customers or countries.

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Since 2012, the world's largest maker of networking equipment, Huawei, has been barred from selling those products in the US on the explanation of security concerns by the USA government.

According to the source close to the Trump administration, with 5G infrastructure being developed, United States senior officials want "to move the needle" on their security messaging. "Were Huawei ever to engage in malicious behavior, it would not go unnoticed - and it would certainly destroy our business". "This will help ensure that our products are better prepared for a more complex security environment both now and in the future".

While speaking to reporters earlier this week, Huawei Poland CEO Tonny Bao said the firm is prepared for such an investment so long as Warsaw accepts it as a "trusted solution" to the problem at hand. Japan, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, those are just some of the countries that are considering the ban on Huawei.

Huawei's business has come under threat in recent months as an increasing number of governments express concern that its technology could be used by Chinese spies.

USA charges of stealing technology and violating sanctions on Iran have since been issued against the company, sparking new tensions in relations between the United States and China.

Complicating the situation is the Canadian arrest of a top Huawei executive sought on an extradition request by the U.S.