Canadian serial killer sentenced to life for murdering eight


But the sentence McArthur ended up receiving Friday, the Associated Press says, was the most lenient option on the table.

An independent review of how the case was handled by police is being carried out following criticism of how the case was handled and how McArthur got away with a seven-year killing spree.

When Bruce McArthur was arrested in January 2018, police found a ninth potential victim in McArthur's residence. A search of the suspect's hard drive for evidence revealed eight folders labeled with the names of different men.

Then he posed their bodies for photographs, with numerous images featuring the same fur coat.

The 67-year-old has been given eight concurrent life sentences. The remains of the eighth victim were recovered from a nearby ravine. This case has resulted in a strained relationship between the Toronto Police Department and a local LGBTQ community that doesn't understand what took almost a decade to get this gay serial killer off the streets.

February 8, 2018 - Police say they've recovered the remains of six people from planters at a house where McArthur worked as a landscaper, and say they expect more charges.

Several of the men McArthur killed were of Middle Eastern descent.

Convicted killers Alexandre Bissonnette (left) and Bruce McArthur. After his final victim, Andrew Kinsman, went missing in June 2017, law enforcement began investigating McArthur.

Surveillance footage from Kinsman's neighborhood showed him entering a red Dodge Caravan identified as belonging to McArthur.

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August 2017 - Police launch Project Prism to investigate the disappearances of Esen and Kinsman. "Would police have taken more and swifter action if McArthur's victims had not been gay or people of color, homeless or addicted to drugs?" "The family friends and the community have been victimized twice - once when they went missing ... then again when they learn the horrific truth", McMahon said. "McArthur also shaved and stored the facial hair from his victims, Cantlon said". A duffel bag in the apartment contained duct tape, a surgical glove, rope, zip ties, a black bungee cord, and syringes, according to CTV. The Toronto Police Department has also formed its first official missing persons unit and has pledged to re-examine all reports filed since 1990, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Toronto police said they have no plans to release his mugshot.

"If it was one of my loved ones (who was a victim) there wouldn't be any sentence that would make me happy", Saunders said.

"Our lives were shattered with the shocking news". We are in the courts for years sometimes with a basic murder case.

She sobbed while prosecutor Craig Harper read her statement aloud to the court.

"I will now always have to live with knowing I will never have a relationship with my father", Emily Bourgeois said.

"Hopefully, one thing that comes out of this is better lines of communication between the police and marginalised communities across the city", he added.

Rev. Deana Dudley, of Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, says work must be done in order to restore a sense of security.

"If the accused either had a trial or would have been younger, I would have had no hesitation in imposing consecutive parole ineligibility terms", he said.