Grammys 2019: Joy Villa dresses as Trump's border wall on red carpet


Singer Joy Villa says she's received "hatred" and "racism" for wearing MAGA dress to the Grammys.

The 27-year-old singer and songwriter, known by her stage name Princess Joy Villa, issued a message of support to the political figure Donald Trump, by wearing a dress which depicted a wall. She also had the words "Make America Great Again" - Trump's campaign slogan - inscribed on both her purse and the back of the gown. As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, she wore an off-the-shoulder silver cape that mimicked steel, under which she donned a white deep-neck gown designed by Desi Lee Allinger-Nelson of Desi Designs Couture that featured a brick-like pattern.

"Well to no surprise, I'm still a Trump supporter and supporting the president and what he's doing", she said. "But the rebel in me was like, 'I have to come out and support the president'". Ricky Rebel, a gay singer who backs LGBTQ rights and Trump, wore a blue jacket that read "Keep America Great Again" and "2020".

"Well, I'm Ricky Rebel, I have a new album called "The New Alpha" so I wanted to wear something that represented what an alpha is and who an alpha is and I am the new alpha", Rebel told the news outlet. In 2017, Villa hit the prestigious music ceremony in a blue gown designed by Andre Soriano that featured "Make America Great Again" and "Trump" on it. I 100% support the wall & our President @realDonaldTrump.

On Sunday, Villa actively promoted her wall-inspired dress and its message in interviews and on social media, often parroting misleading statistics about illegal immigration that have been repeatedly voiced by Trump and his supporters.

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Last year, Villa, who gave up a child for adoption, opted to make a pro-life statement with her gown.

"I voted for the person who wanted to heavily vet refugees".

"I grew up in theater, so I've always used costume as a way to express myself", Villa said.

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